Salvatore DiGioia | Photo by  Amelia Cacchione

Salvatore DiGioia | Photo by Amelia Cacchione


Salvatore DiGioia

My instinctive passion for music has long motivated my every action. It defines my tastes, dictates my wardrobe and fuels my endless craving of news, gossip and multimedia.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in April with a bachelor’s degree in information science, I returned to the streaming marketing team at Universal Music Group, where I interned the previous summer. I spent six months as a full-time marketing coordinator, providing support for weekly priority tracks from 80+ labels. Naturally, the role fulfilled my lifelong dream of working in hip-hop. Yet, I am equally passionate about content — about sneakers, memes, Twitter and Instagram scandals. I want to be part of the noise surrounding the music, turning it into a dialogue.